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A lot of times I theme my weekly posts, but I’m not doing that this week. I have been wanting to try this Cherrytini recipe for ages, and I just haven’t found a way to fit it into a theme. I’ve done cherry themed weeks in the past and I could do more, but I’m afraid that would get boring. So this week is unthemed, and today is all about cherries. Cherry martini, here I come!

This cherrytini is the perfect fruity martini! It tastes like an adult version of cherry drop sweets. Packed with cherry flavour and pulling a great alcoholic punch.

Recipe Author: Claire at Sprinkles and Sprouts
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The Ingredients

There are only a few ingredients in this cocktail, and I didn’t have any trouble finding them. I keep a bottle of Luxardo cherry liqueur on hand to make aviation gin cocktails. The 750ml size has lasted several years since most recipes only require a little bit. If I remember correctly, it was about $30 for the bottle. I had to go to Total Wine to find it as it’s a bit of a specialty item.

My regular grocery store, Whole Foods, had a few types of cherry juice to choose from. Most were made with tart cherries and had no sugar added. I was thinking this cocktail should be sweet, so I chose a sweet black cherry juice.

And lastly, I went with what has. become my regular vodka, Pinnacle. It’s reasonably priced and excellent for mixed drinks. It does have a strong finish, though, so I wouldn’t drink it on the rocks or neat.

Cherrytini Ingredients
Cheery liqueur, lemon, cherry juice, and vodka

The Process

Making this cocktail was as simple as I thought it would be, and I had mine ready in just three minutes.

I was glad to see this recipe didn’t need much in the way of equipment. Just a measuring cup, measuring spoon, and a cocktail shaker. Complicated cocktails can be fun, but sometimes I enjoy simplicity.

The only thing I wasn’t thrilled with was the flecks of ice floating on top of the drink. As you can see below, they made the cocktail look like it was covered in lint until they melted. Yes, I could have waited until then to take the photos, but I wanted to show you the real deal. Honestly, I think it looks worse in the photos than it did in person.

Of course, the ice flakes didn’t affect the taste of the drink, but it’s something to be aware of if you are serving these to impress. Making them a few minutes ahead of time or straining with a fine mesh sieve should solve that problem.


So how was it?

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The author described the cherrytini as tasting like an adult version of cherry drop sweets, and she delivered! It's sweet and fruity, but you won't forget it's a cocktail since it has a little bit of a bite from the vodka and cherry liqueur. But don't worry, the bite doesn't interfere with the cherry flavor. Between that and the sweetness, this drink is one to sip slowly and savor. It's also quick and easy to make, and the only special equipment needed is a cocktail shaker. Cheers to that!
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